Tour – Any day trip or journey purchased by direct booking or through an agent on board any vessel owned or supplied by Fawesome Expeditions.
Passenger / Agent – the passenger on board the vessel or, the person/s responsible for the final payment of the tour acting on behalf of the passenger. Example; Booking Agent.
Vessel Master – An employee or representative of Fawesome Expeditions employed as the person in control of the vessel for any charter, identified to all passengers during the induction to all on board.
Crew – An employee or representative of Fawesome Expeditions employed as deck crew / guide for any charter, identified to all passengers during the induction to all on board.
Family – Two adults and two children 17 years or under.


  •        Any tour booked direct or through a booking agent on board a Fawesome Expeditions vessel will only be confirmed after receipt by Fawesome Expeditions of a deposit as described in Payment and booking terms. At this time details of the person/s responsible for the final payment of the tour must be supplied to Fawesome Expeditions and they will be considered to be the person responsible
  •        Personal details including telephone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses will only be used by Fawesome Expeditions and will not be disseminated to any third party without the clear understanding or permission of the client. However, Fawesome Expeditions will release personal information if required by law enforcement or other government agencies investigating alleged incidents as a result of any charter on board any Fawesome Expeditions Vessel.
  •        Fawesome Expeditions reserves the right to terminate any tour without compensation or consultation under the following circumstances:

o    Any member of the crew observes alcohol consumption by any passengers

o    Passengers behave in an antisocial or threatening manner toward any person on board the vessel, any crew member or any member of the public who has cause to be in contact with the passengers at any time prior to or during the tour.

o    Passengers behave in a manner as assessed by any member of the crew which is deemed dangerous to themselves or any other person.

o    Passengers behave in a manner likely to damage or risk damage to the vessel, facilities & equipment on board. Also, if any member of the crew observes any intended passengers causing damage to any facilities at any of the public or private berthing facilities prior to the commencement of the tour that person may be denied access to the vessel.

o    Passengers behave in any manner contrary to the instructions given by the crew during the induction at the commencement of the tour.

o    Any member of the crew witnesses or suspects any passenger/s of the abuse of illicit or prescription medications.

o    Any passenger fails to abide by the Terms and Conditions as printed and enforced by Fawesome Expeditions Management, crew or representative.

If any of the above situations occur the action taken will be at the discretion of the master of the vessel. Any of the above may result in some or all of the passengers being removed from the vessel. The location of disembarkation in any of these circumstances may not be the original planned point. It will be the nearest jetty to the vessel at the time of the occurrence.

  •       Any damage caused during any tour to the vessel, its fixtures, appliances or any other equipment on board by the passenger on board during their tour will be the responsibility of the passenger or person responsible and Fawesome Expeditions will seek restitution for those damages.
  •      The same applies to any loss of Fawesome Expeditions equipment if through deliberate acts intended to cause loss or damage to equipment.
  •      Fawesome Expeditions accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belongings of any passenger whilst on board any vessel supplied by Fawesome Expeditions. Passengers must accept total responsibility for their own belongings.
  •      Prior to the departure of the vessel from the departure point the master or a member of the crew will deliver an induction which will relate to the rules of the vessel and the safety procedures in an emergency. This should take no longer than 10 minutes with the cooperation of passengers on board. If passengers interrupt or are not listening the crew will wait until they have passenger’s full attention to ensure everyone on board is aware of the safety requirements and rules of the vessel. If anyone is unsure of any of the procedures explained they should see the crew immediately after the conclusion of the induction.
  •     The person responsible and all passengers acknowledge that the Vessel Master has absolute authority over the vessel and any of the equipment belonging to Fawesome Expeditions including but not limited to tenders, sporting equipment and catering equipment for the entire duration of the tour. This authority extends to all passengers and crew.
  •     The person responsible and all passengers acknowledge that the Vessel Master may at any time alter the scheduled route, destination or conduct including activities of any tour if it is deemed necessary for any reason pertaining to the safety and welfare of the vessel, the crew, and any person on board.
  •     Fawesome Expeditions reserves the right to inspect the contents of any drink container and esky brought on board prior to the commencement of any tour and the right to refuse the bringing of the items contained within and the container or esky from the vessel.


  •          No bookings will be taken or held as tentative without payment of a 20% deposit. Receipt of the deposit will be deemed as acceptance of the terms and conditions set out within.
  •          Full payment of the tour is required 14 days prior to the tour date for groups of 1 – 8 persons.
  •          Full payment of the tour is required 21 days prior to the tour date for groups of 9 or more persons.
  •          Any tour will only proceed once full payment has been received. The previous point applies to all tour unless other arrangements have been negotiated by Fawesome Expeditions management and the group organiser.
  •         All quoted prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.
  •         Payment can be made by Cash, Electronic Funds Transfer, or Credit Card by prior arrangement with management.


  •         From time to time, promotions and discounts are offered. Please note, valid discounts will only be accepted at time of booking. If valid discounts are presented after time of booking or after the tour, the discount will not be applied.


A full refund will be given for tours cancelled due to bad weather minimum number policy or mechanical breakdown.

(a) No refund will be payable by Fawesome Expeditions in the event that you or a member of your group under your booking does not arrive at the time specified in our email confirmation.
(b) All cancellations must be made in writing and received by Fawesome Expeditions fourteen (14) days before the date the Services are to be performed by Fawesome Expeditions.
(c) You may request in writing a rescheduling of your booking with Fawesome Expeditions up to fourteen (14) days before the date the Services are to be performed by Fawesome Expeditions. Fawesome Expeditions will take all reasonable steps to reschedule your booking and is subject to availability.
(d) A written request in accordance with subclause 7.9(c) of this Agreement incurs a $25.00 re-booking fee.
(e) If you make a written request to alter the date of your booking with less than thirteen (13) days’ notice to Fawesome Expeditions, you will remain liable to pay the Fee in full, and any additional Fee associated with the new booking, at the sole discretion of Fawesome Expeditions.
(f) Fawesome Expeditions is not liable for any refund whether in whole or in part under this Agreement if you booked your tour with a third party. If you booked through a third party, all refunds will be processed by the third party.
(g) Any booking obtained through a third party may contain additional charges relating to cancellation of your booking.
(h) For all bookings containing one (1) persons or more, cancellation or rescheduling in accordance with the terms of this Agreement with:
(i) more than forty-five (45) days’ notice will result in forfeiture of 30% of the Fee; and
(ii) less than forty-five (45) days’ notice will result in forfeiture of 100% of the Fee.

Date changes allowable for groups of up to 4 prior to 72 hours before tour, not within 72 hours.


Humpback Whales and all of the other animals that inhabit Ningaloo Reef are completely wild and are not trained, encouraged or coerced in any way to interact with passengers or crew. 

They can at times be unpredictable and the location and/or duration of time taken to locate them cannot be guaranteed or predicted by Fawesome Expeditions crew or management.

Some animals are seasonal and we do not guarantee that passengers will see all or in rare cases any of the more sought-after animals found on the reef. Example: Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks, Dugongs, Turtles.

While we will do everything, we can to ensure a Humpback Whale or any other wildlife sighting, we cannot guarantee that you will get to swim with these truly amazing animals. For guaranteed sightings we invite you to visit aquariums located in most major cities in Australia. There are no free repeat tours or refunds available.

Guests booked as Observers are not entitled to the No Sighting Policy. 

A No Sighting is determined by the company or its representatives. 

We have minimum numbers of 8 to confirm this charter.

All of the terms and conditions are set by the management of Fawesome Expeditions Any variations or exemptions from some or all of the conditions will only be accepted on written advice from the management of Fawesome Expeditions.

Terms and conditions will always be provided to the passenger or person responsible and are available for reading on board any vessel at all times. Confirmation of a proposed tour and receipt of a deposit will be considered as acceptance and acknowledgement of these terms and conditions in their entirety and will be expected as terms of trade in lieu of another written agreement approved by the management of Fawesome Expeditions. 


Gift Vouchers can be purchased for all tours offered by Fawesome Expeditions.

Gift Vouchers are open dated and redeemable during their appropriate season time frames. 

To purchase a Gift Voucher, please call the office staff on 0403 577 403

Terms and Conditions;

Gift Vouchers are non-refundable. There are no refunds on Gift Vouchers for recipients who decide they can no longer use it. 

 Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years!