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Exmouth Gulf is overflowing with awe-inspiring adventures. From world-class snorkelling along the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, to the untouched wilderness of the Muiron Islands, endless adventures await you.

We’ve been coming here for years and we’re still discovering new places.

Step aboard Fawesome to experience the best day on the water at your speed.

All our tours are organised privately for you and your guests. You have the option of a full-day tour itinerary, half-day sampler or booking the boat by the hour.

Ningaloo Reef

The stunning Ningaloo Reef is a World Heritage-listed marine park covering 5,000 square kilometres off Exmouth.

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Wrapping around the Gulf of Exmouth and stretching more than 250 kilometres south past Coral Bay to Quobba, Ningaloo Reef is one of the longest fringing coral reefs in the world.

UNESCO added the reef to their World Heritage list in 2011. World Heritage listing is a testament to Ningaloo Reef’s biodiversity and universal value. And there’s no better way to see the sights (and meet the locals) than with Fawesome Expeditions.

Our Ningaloo Reef tours

We offer private, small-group boat charters to both sides of the Ningaloo Reef. Setting off from Exmouth in our 14-metre (46-foot) luxury catamaran, we’ll tour the inner lagoons and take you to the western side, where things get even more colourful.

Snorkel with sea turtles, tropical fish, rays, dugongs and other colourful creatures. Plunge into the crystal-clear waters, then relax in luxury on-board. Or explore vibrant coral gardens hidden just beneath the water’s surface.

The day is yours. We’ll customise your Ningaloo Reef tour based on your desires (and the prevailing conditions) to create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Muiron Islands

The Muiron Islands off Exmouth are a wilderness waiting to be explored. Consisting of South and North Muiron and Sunday Island, the Muiron Islands offer some of the best places to get up close and personal with Ningaloo aquatic wildlife.

These three islands are a hotspot for fishing, diving and sightseeing.

It’s best to visit Muiron Islands with an experienced charter operator to get the full experience.

Our Muiron Islands charter tours

The 15-kilometre journey (9 nautical miles) from the North West Cape to the Muiron Islands would usually take around 1.5 hours. But onboard the laid-back luxury charter, Fawesome, the time will fly by.

Once we reach the Muiron Islands from Exmouth, we’ll take you to the famous snorkelling locations and a few of our secret spots.

You can find all manner of marine life snorkelling Cod Spot, The Gap and The Keyhole. Swim-throughs and ledges provide ample opportunity to spot turtles, colourful corals and soft sponges, nudibranchs, eels, potato cod and colourful reef fish, and even the occasional nurse shark. On the way there and back, keep an eye out for dolphins, pilot whales, dugongs and migrating humpback whales.

Our exact itinerary for the day depends on what you want to see and the weather. Currents can be unpredictable around the Muiron Islands, so we’ll keep a close eye on the conditions and show you an awesome time on the water.

long Island

North east of the Muiron Islands off Exmouth is Peak Island, a 9-hectare uninhabited sandy islet at the tip of Ningaloo Reef.

Peak Island is great for spearfishing and getting to know the locals. We are happy to show you around Peak Island during a day trip to the Muiron Islands off Exmouth.

Our Peak Island private charters

The waters around the island are home to curious copper sharks who regularly pop in to see what visiting anglers are up to. Although these curious creatures are only interested in the fish that call Peak Island home, safety is our top priority when we visit.

On the way to Peak Island, we might stop at Sunday Island or explore the waters in the Exmouth Gulf.

Exmouth Fishing Tours

It’s hard to beat Exmouth for fishing in WA. From the marina to the deep waters west of Ningaloo Reef, the healthy waters are a haven for all kinds of desirable species.

Although we don’t offer full day fishing, we do encourage you to have a go at catching lunch.

Exmouth fishing

The waters off Exmouth are teeming with trevally, coral trout, cod, red emporor, goldband Snapper and much more. West of the Ningaloo Reef, the maritime shelf drops away and you can find tuna, mackerel and sailfish.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at fishing during your tour, we are normally able to accommodate. Let us know ahead of time so we can bring some fishing gear aboard. And, if you catch a big one, we have a full onboard kitchen and wine from Lamont’s to complete the meal.

Create your own adventure

We always customise our private charters to suit your style and the weather on the day. So whether you’re after sublime snorkelling, touring the Ningaloo Reef highlights or exploring Muiron Islands, we’ll show you an awesome day on the water.

Feel free to contact us about private boat charters if you have something special in mind.

The best way to tour Ningaloo

Fawesome is a purpose-built charter boat with 4 powerful outboards and a fully equipped, sophisticated interior.

And the best part? It’s all yours. With space for 10 people alongside the crew, your family and friends can enjoy the marine adventure of a lifetime in laid-back luxury.

Preserving our unique marine wonderland

The seasonal currents and clear waters off Exmouth make the Coral Coast an aquatic playground teeming with life. We’re committed to keeping things that way.

Our exclusive tours are exciting and eco-conscious, giving you the best experience without impacting the pristine beauty found here.